Ready Set GO!

An unexpected upside of all the chaos right now is the fact that project migrations are happening way faster than originally planned.

Projects that were on hold till summer, are getting done in a week’s time.

An example, I just migrated a ton of users to Office 365, and OneDrive.

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Working remote

So it seems that everyone is going remote with the US spread of COVID-19.

So I have been working to migrate users from on Prem to OneDrive.

The share point migration tool is definitely nice for this from a GUI perspective but I think the power shell side is a bit more robust.

It was super frustrated everyone I had one error the whole CSV would not run. Where as with power shell I can make it skip, alert and move on.

With respect to Education and remote classrooms, all the big companies are doing what they can to help out.

Check out this link for more info that might prove useful.

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